2020 Power


In 2020, Community Change Action and our partners showed the power of organizing our friends and family, connecting with people on the issues that matter in their lives, and staying engaged over the months and years between elections. We contacted voters who were looking for a different kind of politics, reaching the people most impacted by the policies of the last four years and the injustice of the last four decades.

Americans voted for change, for a caring and inclusive economy, for a world where everyone that can thrive. Now we are turning our energy to win justice and dignity for our families.

In 2022 and 2024, we will remember who stood beside us and who stood in the way--on economic relief and recovery, immigration, and child care.


From occupying airports to protesting the Muslim ban, to marching for Black lives, to overcoming voter suppression, we have spent the past four years building movements with the power to transform our country.

We protested. We organized. And through every avenue available, voters from Arizona to Maine voted for unity. We voted for a caring economy that includes everyone. We voted for immigrant justice and to repair the harm of systemic racism.

Community Change Action and our partners engaged voters in 20 states, building a cross-issue, multi-racial coalition with the power to decide national elections.

Now, in 2021 we are fighting to deliver on the progressive vision of the voters we engaged and to defeat Trumpism within our democracy.

A just reconstruction and inclusive relief for everyone impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 health and economic crises, ensuring that the voices, stories, and demands of those most impacted—low-income communities of color—are present in the halls of power.

Citizenship for 11 million undocumented people, an immediate moratorium on deportations, arrests, and detention, and an overhaul of interior enforcement to reduce harm in our communities by engaging 2.1 million activists.

High quality child care for every family and a living wage for all care providers, mobilizing 30 child care partners across the country and engaging our base of 13,000 child care activists.

Repair the harm inflicted on Black people since before our nation’s founding, standing beside our 14 partners in the Black Freedom Collective.

Affordable housing, partnering with 33 housing trust fund initiatives in 21 states, through 5,000 residents in organized networks.

Our work did not begin with Donald Trump’s election, and it won’t be finished when he leaves office. There are no shortcuts on the path to power.


Relational organizing -- training voters to reach out to their friends and family -- is one of the most effective strategies for increasing turnout. Data from the 2018 midterms and Community Change Action’s own experiments showed that this form of outreach is far more impactful than text messages from strangers.