2016 Event Highlights

On September 22, 2016, we celebrated local organizers and national leaders at the 12th annual Community Change Champions Awards. We gathered in the historic Howard Theatre to honor the following champions whose stories inspire us to keep fighting for social and racial justice:

Wade Henderson who reminded us that “our concerns may be unique, but our fates are inextricably linked.”
Cherri Delesline shared her story of courage as an emerging leader and organizer in the Fight for $15.
Maria Elena Durazo of UNITE HERE called on us to stand together: “What happens to immigrants, happens to America. What happens to workers, happens to America.”
Donna Hall of the Women Donors Network showed us the power of women united in bold philanthropy.
Gloria Walton of SCOPE reminded us of our movement’s strength when people have the space to act and speak on their own behalf.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, either in body or spirit. We hope to see you next year on October 12th 2017. You can still check out the gallery photos below.

2016 Event Photos

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