Our country and our electeds want to #BuildBackBetter. We can’t do that until we #BuildChildCare.

That’s why, in the lead up to Labor Day, parents, child care providers, and caregivers are coming together to take action. Across the country we’re going to let our elected officials know that child care providers are the workforce behind the workforce. And we can’t get back to work until every family has the child care they need, no matter their zip code. Are you ready to join us?

Find or host a local #BuildChildCare Event.​

Our Demands.


Pay early care and education workers a base living wage and get to parity with K-12 teachers with similar education and experience.

Child care and early education teachers are chronically underpaid, and states and the federal government have historically underfunded the subsidy system. Early care and education workers are currently paid only $10 an hour on average for the essential work they provide, barely enough to provide for the needs of their own families.


Guaranteed child care for every family who needs it.

Only 1 in 6 families who are eligible for the limited number of government subsidies available now actually get assistance. Without financial support, parents have to choose between work and caring for their children, or rely on unstable or unsafe care arrangements. These investments will be used to expand eligibility and provide access to all qualified families.


Reduce how much families pay for care, especially communities of color

Our current child care system faces too many injustices and burdens felt by too many, and most deeply in communities of color. With this funding, we can cap copayments and fees so that families pay no more than 7% of their income for care for their children, and lower income families pay even less. This is especially important for infant and toddler care, which is more expensive than a year of in-state college tuition in 29 states and the District of Columbia. Subsidies that cover the true cost of care, including good wages and benefits, while holding costs down for families, will drive an increase in the supply of care across our communities.

Our movement is fighting for affordability for parents, stability for providers, and living wages for the Early education and care workforce. This fight, and this movement, is for the long haul.

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Childcare Changemakers is a project of Community Change Action.