On Monday, May 8th, child care providers, parents, and families across the country are hosting A Day Without Child Care. For generations, we have been fighting for equitable access to affordable child care and better pay and working conditions for providers, but our needs are still not being met. That’s why we’re taking action for:
1) An equitable child care system, built on racial and gender justice
2) Thriving wages for child care providers
3) Affordable child care for all families

We know it’s possible, because we have won big things when we speak out together. We saw victories in the funds for child care in the American Rescue Plan that states and localities were able to use to build toward a better system. We saw recognition from President Biden as he issued an executive order to support affordable care and quality jobs for care workers. We know that together, our voices can rise and we can win the child care system we all deserve.

That’s why we’re coming together on May 8 to demand child care providers who do one of the most important jobs of educating the next generation, allowing parents to get to work, and keeping our economy running, be paid the living wage they deserve. That the families who work hard to stock our grocery shelves, brew our morning coffee, and schedule us for doctor’s appointments, get affordable child care that doesn’t force them into debt or take their careers back decades. And that all of our kids, no matter where they live or what they look like, have the same opportunity to thrive.

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Our movement is fighting for affordability for parents, stability for providers, and living wages for the Early education and care workforce. This fight, and this movement, is for the long haul.

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