Our Demands

On Monday, October 3 through Friday, October 7, we are putting direct pressure on our elected officials with a Child Care Voters Week of Action. They will hear our experience and our clear demands and commit to fighting for child care. Our demands are simple:

1. Living wages for child care providers

All child care providers should be paid a living wage and compensation on par with K-12 teachers to early care and education workers, who are disproportionately black and brown women.

2. An equitable childcare system built on racial justice

We need culturally appropriate, accessible care in our communities, where all people who take care of our children are paid living wages. We must do away with eligibility requirements that impede access and disproportionately affect low wage workers, women and people of color, such as work requirements and intrusive application processes.

3. Affordable childcare for all families

We need to guarantee child care for every family who needs it, whether Black, white, or brown.

Sign the Voter Pledge

Our movement is fighting for affordability for parents, stability for providers, and living wages for the Early education and care workforce. This fight, and this movement, is for the long haul.

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Childcare Changemakers is a project of Community Change Action.