2018 Win Justice State Director – Nevada

The 2016 election was a wake-up call for progressive Americans and the organizations that work to protect their values. To make our vision for this country a reality, we must prove to new, infrequent, swing, and drop-off voters that the change they want in their own lives can be achieved through political participation.

The Center for Community Change Action, Color of Change PAC, Planned Parenthood Votes, and Service Employees International Union, along with our state-level affiliates, partners, and political committees – have joined together to form a groundbreaking coalition to build lasting power and win key elections in battleground states in 2018. The strength of our collaboration is in our organizations’ deep capacity on the ground, brand strength, positive vision and values, history of collaboration and trust, and track record of engaging voters at scale. Our campaign will reach 2.5 million voters in Florida, Michigan, and Nevada, and change the face of the electorate from the ground up by mobilizing low- and mid-propensity voters of color, women, young people, and union supporters in Florida, Michigan, and Nevada. Each state program will be designed to motivate and deliver drop-off voters who do not reliably vote during non-presidential elections.

We are building fully integrated plans in each state — from creating the initial voter universe to testing and scaling what we see working — while leveraging the unique strengths of each organization. Our program will be fully coordinated with the America Votes program and all data will live in the VAN — the platform used by progressive organizations that ensures integration and use of best practices in compliance, digital, field work, and organizing.

Position Description:
Win Justice Nevada is seeking an enthusiastic State Director to serve in Nevada as a part of our Independent Expenditure campaign. The State Director will manage a team of Campaign Staff and Canvass Managers throughout the state, and coordinate our Executive Table Co-Leads. The State Director will work with partner organizations, canvassers and volunteers to run field program, build and strengthen local leadership, and support the long-term goals of the organization within designated regions.

The State Director will hire and supervise campaign staff who will recruit, train, and manage staff and volunteers in order to engage communities about a host of issues, but focusing on persuasion and GOTV on behalf of endorsed candidates along with issues related to Win Justice Nevada’s organizing plans. Ideal candidates will be motivated to complete a specific program, but flexible enough to change tactics as needed.

Principle Responsibilities:

This is a senior-level role. In this position, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Work with coalition partners and key stakeholders to develop and execute relevant organizing and electoral plans
  • Work with field leadership to break overall regional goals down into smaller goals, develop timelines and work plans, and produce reports to tell the story of your team’s progress
  • On-board and train new hires so that they understand the big-picture strategy of the campaign, and their role in winning
  • Supervise campaign staff by setting clear goals, developing work plans, acting as a coach and mentor to ensure employee development, and conducting regular check-ins and offering feedback and accountability
  • Participate in and lead volunteer and paid field campaign tactics
  • Represent the coalition with certain key political players, opinion leaders, allied organizations and coalitions.
  • Provide training and connect state-based partners with legal counsel and process to ensure compliance requirements are met.
  • Work with partners and communications staff to ensure communications metrics are met – to include external media, digital coordination, and strategies pertaining to electoral narrative and related programs.
  • Ensuring and coordinating complex data management systems across the state-based partners.
  • Hold the whole of the overall measure of state program success and coordinate state-based partner groups to ensure program metrics are met and reported on time, to include joint state-based partner programs and events.


Applicants for this position should bring the following experience, knowledge, abilities, and attitude:

  • Expertise running a volunteer and paid field canvass operations
  • Expertise developing and leading voter contact campaigns (knowledge of both paid and volunteer programs preferred)
  • Expertise setting goals and deadlines for other people, and coaching teams to meet those goals or deadlines
  • Experience overseeing human resources and payroll
  • Experience training entry level organizers, and first time managers
  • Experience monitoring, managing, and enforcing a detailed budget
  • Strong data analysis skills; including comfort producing and interpreting reports with the Voter Activation Network (VAN).
  • Ability to engage with multiple stakeholders, communicate clearly and often, and manage diverse personalities and expectations
  • Strong “team leader” skills including setting the tone for a results driven, no drama, collaborative and accountable high performing, goals exceeding workplace
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including comfort meeting and talking with new people
  • Effective communicator face-to-face and in writing
  • Maintain a positive, can do, and solutions oriented attitude in tough situations
  • Flexible and self-motivated to identify priorities and complete work independently
  • Knowledge of and commitment to progressive causes and progressive management practices
  • Willing and able to work a flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends
  • Licensed driver with access to a vehicle
  • Willingness to travel
  • Sense of humor!

We especially encourage applications from people who bring some of these additional skills or experiences:

  • Deep experience living or working in Latinx, black or immigrant communities
  • Spanish language fluency including written and oral interpretation
  • Experience managing mid-level staff in a multi-site operation
  • Training new canvass managers and office directors in paid field operations
  • Has strong ties in the city or state in which you are applying to work
  • Brings a deep knowledge of or experience in reproductive health, immigration and/or criminal justice issues.
  • Wants to revolutionize paid field into a movement building tool. Our work doesn’t end on election night, we are identifying, and building leaders who can carry our work and our movement into the new year!
  • Has worked with and managed complex stakeholder relationships and coalition tables

There is no formal education requirement for this position.

This position reports to: 

Closing Date of Position: Open Until Filled

The expected end date for this position is December 31, 2018.

How to apply: To apply, please send out a cover letter and your resume to [email protected].