Digital Resource Library

Community Change Action’s Digital Resource Library is a database of free-to-use progressive graphics, illustrations, templates, and documents.



You don’t just have to use the products in the drive! Here are more tools to use to innovate, create, and build your own materials.

Canva. Access online or via the App Store.
Level: Beginner.
Pro: FREE, easy-to-use templates.
Con: No illustration tools, and the ubiquity of their content means some of your posts might not look unique to other organizations.

Sprout Social. Access online.
Level: Beginner.
Pro: Easy-to-use resizer.
Con: No other functions.

Procreate. Access via the App Store.
Level: Medium-Advanced.
Pro: $10 for wide-use of functions.
Con: Requires iPad and Apple Pen.

Adobe Suite. Download online.
Level: Advanced.
Pro: Widest suite of graphic design tools.
Con: Expensive, harder to learn.

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A Bold, Inclusive, and Caring agenda

The COVID-19 public health crisis has made it impossible to ignore the deep, structural flaws in the rules that govern our economy. Even as the pandemic has made our interdependence more apparent, we are forced to confront the stark differences in our abilities to weather the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. Although all of us participate in the creation of wealth in our society, a wealthy few capture most of these riches. The rest of us live one illness, one recession, or one piece of bad luck from economic ruin.