Success Stories

Retail Workers’ Bill of Rights


In 2014, CCCAction joined forces with Jobs With Justice (JWJ) as they ramped up their Retail Workers’ Bill of Rights (RWBoR) campaign in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mark Ortiz, a retail worker, a leader on the RWBoR campaign and an organizer with JWJ, joined the CCCAction community as a Junior Writing Fellow in the winter of 2014, writing his own personal economic justice stories along with the stories of many of his coworkers and community members.  As Mark wrote in a recent blog entry, “I, like many other workers in the United States, have seen companies continue to invest less and less in their workforce and expect more. For many, this is a class issue, but for me it is a family issue.”

The RWBoR, which was voted into law on December 5, 2014, was a monumental win for working families in the Bay Area. The legislation will affect an estimated 40,000 hourly employees of chain stores and restaurants, provide them with protection from abusive scheduling practices and promote full-time hours and job security.

Fair Immigration Reform Movement

Make The RoadThe Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) builds and organizes grassroots power and leadership. Coalition members are pushing for lasting legislative solutions to our nation’s broken immigration system.  In 2006, these groups were the cornerstone of the people-led movement that derailed the inhumane and unworkable immigration laws pushed by Congressional leaders. Since 2009, FIRM groups have been the vanguard in mobilizing advocates for immigration policy reform. FIRM has also proven the power of the immigrant vote. Through relentless organizing in key states, FIRM created the environment for the historic voter turnout in 2012 that ensured immigration reform was at the top of the national agenda in 2013.

Recently, FIRM has helped to:

  • Turn the tide against state-level anti-immigrant legislation: Beginning with an historic mobilization against Arizona’s SB1070, also known as the “show me your papers” law, we fought laws that use police power to terrorize anyone who “looks” undocumented in Alabama, Colorado, Nebraska, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Specifically, we helped groups participate in the public debate and educate the public about the repercussions of these policies.
  • Win Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): We pushed President Obama through our famous “Change Takes Courage” campaign to issue an executive order that allowed more than 530,000 undocumented immigrants to receive temporary relief from deportation and seek temporary work permits.
  • Support approval of the Family Unity Waiver: We’ve helped thousands of families stay together by successfully mobilizing public support to ensure implementation of President Obama’s waiver to allow the spouses and children of U.S. citizens to remain in the United States, rather than return to their country of origin, while they file for their visas.
  • Prosecutorial discretion: We pushed the Obama administration to institute a policy to facilitate the dismissal of low-priority immigration cases, which has stopped hundreds of deportations.
  • Win administrative relief for nearly four million immigrants: After months of sustained pressure from our movement, President Obama announced a plan for administrative relief in November 2014. Commonly known as Executive Action on Immigration, the plan is comprised of a number of different actions that the Obama Administration can take to ease the burden of undocumented immigrants living in the US. The plan has the potential to shield up to 3.7 million immigrants from deportations by expanding DACA and creating additional programs that allow eligible undocumented immigrants living in the US to qualify for deferred action and apply for work permits.

Reform Immigration FOR AmericaRI4A

Reform Immigration FOR America, or RI4A, is one of the largest and most active immigrant rights digital advocacy campaigns in the nation. Through email, SMS and social media, RI4A educates, activates and mobilizes millions to push for passage of comprehensive and humane immigration reform.

Since 2013, Reform Immigration FOR America has:

  • Grown a community of more than 1.5 million online activists
  • Mobilized 2.6 million contacts to key legislators in Congress
  • Cultivated one of the largest bilingual SMS advocacy programs in any movement

Retirement Security

RetirementSecuritySignDespite proposals from leaders of both political parties to cut benefits, Social Security today remains intact. What’s more, the public debate has pivoted away from cuts and toward expansion of the crucial earned benefits that keep millions of Americans out of poverty.

As a result of pressure brought by grassroots ambassadors and our partner organizations, among others, several members of Congress have become vocal allies for Social Security, including Sen. Mark Begich (AK) and Reps. Raul Grijalva (AZ), Keith Ellison (MN) and Jan Schakowsky (IL).

With support and coordination from CCCAction, our partner organizations:

  • Train and mobilize hundreds of grassroots ambassadors
  • Conduct hundreds of public events
  • Educate tens of thousands of people about Social Security
  • Regularly reach more than 1.5 million people through news media coverage and social media


CCCAction has a robust electoral program that mobilizes voters for strategic wins. CCCAction’s electoral support of the FIRM coalition was instrumental in the record Latino and immigrant voter turnout that proved to be the firewall that defended the Senate in 2010 and ousted Arizona State Senator and SB 1070 architect Russell Pearce from office in 2011.

In 2012, with CCCAction support, our grassroots partners:

  • Reached 195,000 Latino, African American and low-income voters nationwide through door-to-door visits, phone calls and mail.
  • Connected with 12,000 voters in Illinois encompassing three key congressional races, including the contest between Democrat Tammy Duckworth and Republican Joe Walsh, one of the most virulent anti-immigrant candidates of the 2012 election cycle; and the race between Democrat Brad Schneider and Republican Bob Dold, in which the margin of victory was 2,547 votes.
  • Ran a Colorado canvassing program that made contact with 83,000 Latino voters in one of the most narrowly decided presidential races of any state.
  • Reached out to 39,000 Los Angeles voters about the importance of Proposition 30 to bring badly needed funding back into the state’s education system.
  • Built a 3,000-member volunteer team in Minnesota for a campaign to successfully reverse support for a proposed constitutional amendment to require voter ID.
  • Worked with high school and college DREAMers in Maryland to help win passage of a state DREAM Act – the first pro-immigrant ballot initiative to pass in any state.