Across the country, Community Change Action’s staff reflects our belief that great leadership potential exists in the communities we seek to serve

We are from red states and blue; we are both youthful and seasoned; and we represent the rich diversity of America’s immigrants, recent and from decades past, as well as its native population. Together, we work with vigor and vision to end poverty and exclusion in America.

Our Team

Our Team

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  • Dorian Warren

    Dorian Warren | President

  • Deepak Bhargava

    Deepak Bhargava | Special Advisor to the President

  • Mary Lassen

    Mary Lassen | Managing Director

  • Deepak Pateriya

    Deepak Pateriya | Acting Vice President & Chief of Staff

  • Jeff Parcher

    Jeff Parcher | Director of Commumications

  • Ryan Young

    Ryan Young | Chief of Operations and Organizational Sustainability

  • Kica Matos

    Kica Matos | Director of Immigrant Rights and Racial Justice

  • Grecia Lima

    Grecia Lima | Political Director