Heroes Act: Democratic House Sides with Families, GOP with Extremists

May 15, 2020 10:05 pm

For Immediate Release: May 15, 2020

Heroes Act: Democratic House Sides with Families, GOP with Extremists

The House passed the HEROES Act today, a $3 trillion investment to protect workers and families previously excluded from COVID assistance. Immigrants, essential workers and vulnerable families struggling during this pandemic who are included in much-needed relief praised today’s vote. Community Change President Dorian Warren, Community Change Action President Lorella Praeli and FIRM Action co-chairs Lawrence Benito, Steve Choi and Mireya Reith issued the following statements.

Community Change President Dorian Warren: “We know all too well that immigrants and people of color–particularly Black, Asian and Latinx communities – who make up millions of workers on the frontlines of this pandemic have been the hardest hit by this crisis. They are making daily decisions to risk their lives or feed their families. The HEROES Act offers critical support for families and workers by including immigrants in some relief,  extending unemployment insurance, providing housing assistance and offering another round of direct cash payments, among other efforts. While these are significant measures, in order to re-open and begin to reconstruct our economy, Congress needs to do much more to meet the scale of our crisis by investing more in child care, providing sustained and recurring cash payments and fully including immigrants in all relief measures.”

Community Change Action President Lorella Praeli: “We are in a pandemic, families are in crisis and this is a moment where our elected leaders need to take sides. Are they standing by the essential workers risking their lives to keep our economy humming and the child care providers without whom parents can’t go back to work? Or with armed extremists, xenophobes and white nationalists who would put thousands of lives at risk, undermine care for the most vulnerable and build an America more divided than ever? The choice to support all families is pretty clear. The House passed the HEROES Act today, reflecting who is fighting for us and who is committed to protecting workers and our families. Now will be the time for the Senate to show real leadership and do the same.”


FIRM Action Co-Chairs, Lawrence Benito, Steve Choi and Mireya Reith issued the following statement:

“Immigrants cannot be essential if they are excluded, and today the House of Representatives addressed that. The HEROES Act will bring relief to millions of immigrants who are on the frontlines of the pandemic and working essential jobs to keep America fed and healthy–all while holding up our economy. It creates the opportunity to finally support the families disproportionately impacted by this pandemic. This victory was only possible because of the consistent engagement and action from our members, friends and allies across the country raising their voices about the crisis we face and the need for urgent relief. Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have done their job and voted to help all families, regardless of their immigration status.

The fight now turns to the Senate. Next week, our network–the largest immigrant rights network in the country–will engage the Senate and demand that they vote to do the same. Families and workers across the country are depending on them to act. The Senate must now do its job and fight for all of us. Backed by the 32 states we collectively represent, we call on both houses to be relentless in ensuring that there is a new round of relief and that immigrants and their families are included.”


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