HEROES Act: Inclusive and Badly Needed

May 12, 2020 5:25 pm


HEROES Act: Inclusive and Badly Needed

Today, the House introduced the HEROES Act to address the COVID-19 crisis. Community Change President Dorian Warren and Community Change Action President Lorella Praeli issued the following joint statement:

“COVID-19 has deeply impacted immigrants and people of color–particularly Black, Asian and Latinx communities–who make up millions of workers on the frontlines of this pandemic.

Lacking any leadership in the White House and consistent obstruction from Senate Republicans, Speaker Pelosi and House democrats have put forth a bill that takes necessary steps to begin to address the severity of the crisis.

The HEROES Act introduced today would bring relief to many workers and families previously excluded from COVID relief through a $3 trillion investment–a critical investment that will begin to protect the most vulnerable families and bring stability to workers and communities struggling right now.

We are all facing many unknowns, but we know what all workers and families, including immigrant families, need right now: direct, recurring cash payments; access to safety net programs and unemployment insurance; a major investment of $100 billion in childcare; equitable access to free COVID-19 testing; a guaranteed paycheck; safety equipment and hazard pay; work permit renewals and an end to out of control immigration enforcement; housing assistance; and, billions to ensure states, Tribes and localities are able to provide necessary functions and services.

While the HEROES Act gets us closer to the full extent of relief families need and includes many immigrant families left out of previous packages, we know we  will need to keep fighting to ensure everyone has what they need to survive this pandemic. Congress must step up and fight with and for us to ensure bold, inclusive solutions are in the final package.

The HEROES Act is a good first step; now the Senate must do its job and meet the moment.”




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