House Republicans Pass Their Immoral Budget Resolution

October 5, 2017 2:52 pm

For Immediate Release: Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017
Contact: Donna De La Cruz, [email protected] (202) 339-9331

GOP Leaders Prioritizing Tax Cuts for the Rich

(WASHINGTON)—House Republicans passed their extremely immoral budget resolution today that sets up a process to ram through a massive tax giveaway for their wealthy friends and donors while making massive cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and SNAP, a critical anti-hunger program. All Democrats voted against the resolution and 18 Republicans joined them.

“But the majority of Republicans continue to signal that their priority are not working families and those who depend on essential programs for healthcare and food assistance,” said Dorian Warren, President of the Center for Community Change Action (CCCAction). “Republicans have shown over and over again that they could care less for struggling Americans just as long as their wealthy friends keep their campaign coffers full.”

“We hope when the Senate takes up its budget resolution soon, Republicans will put working families first, not corporate fat cats,” Warren added. “CCCAction and its partners will not stand by and let essential programs that millions of people rely on be taken away by an immoral group of lawmakers.”


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