On Valentine’s Day, Trump Chooses Hate and Fear. In November, Voters Will Choose Unity and Freedom

February 14, 2020 5:35 pm

On Valentine’s Day, Trump Chooses Hate and Fear

In November, Voters Will Choose Unity and Freedom

On the heels of a New York Times report that the Trump Administration will be sending military-style tactical units, starting this month, to “safeguard” American cities the Trump administration labels as “sanctuary” cities, Community Change Action President Lorella Praeli, said:

“The overwhelming majority of Americans share our values and belief that immigrants are welcome in America and that we make America stronger.

And yet, in an effort to rile up his nativist base, Trump is now ramping up even more destruction and intimidation on cities that decline to help the feds detain and deport immigrants–he’s tried and failed in the courts, he’s lied and leaned into the racist trope of immigrants as dangerous, and now he’s actually sending DHS’ version of SWAT teams into our cities.

Deploying his jack-booted SWAT-like teams to intimidate and terrorize immigrants is a despicable and harmful tactic, and it won’t work. Today, we call on elected officials to stand up, fight back and strengthen the laws and policies that protect our communities.

Militarizing our cities is unacceptable. Wasting billions of taxpayers’ dollars to advance a white nationalist agenda is not aligned with our values. It should be no surprise that Trump is launching this attack when voters in key primary states are preparing to cast their ballots.

These tactics are dog whistles for Trump’s base that threaten millions of lives and will harm our communities for years to come. We object. Today, tomorrow, in November and beyond we will fight for our communities and for an America where we all have the Freedom to Thrive.”


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