Our Focus

In 2015, CCC launched Putting Families First: Good Jobs for All, a national economic justice initiative to guarantee that everyone who wants a job should have assured access to a good job that provides dignity, a voice on the job, fair wages, good benefits, and is consistent with family and personal needs and responsibilities.

The core principles of this campaign include:

  • Building a Clean Energy Economy. Using the large-scale investments required for transition to a clean energy future to create millions of good jobs that are accessible to workers of color, women, and economically distressed communities.
  • Valuing Families.  Ending the systematic devaluation of care work, which disproportionately keeps women in poverty, by making high quality child care available to all working parents, raising the quality of jobs in the early childhood education and care fields, transforming homecare and providing financial support to unpaid caregivers.
  • Guaranteeing Good Wages and Benefits. Requiring every job in the United States to meet a minimum standard of quality – in wages, benefits, and working conditions – and offer unhindered access to collective representation and a real voice for workers.
  • Unlocking Opportunity in the Poorest Communities. Investing resources on a large scale to restart the economy in places where racial bias and sustained disinvestment have produced communities of concentrated poverty.
  • Taxing Concentrated Wealth. Funding new investments in job creation, care, and economic renewal by taxing those who benefit most from the current economic model – investors, financiers, wealth managers, and individuals in the highest income brackets.

Please click on the photos below for examples of our work.

  • Housing Trust Funds

    Housing Trust Funds

    We work with state and local coalitions to provide homes affordable to people with low incomes. To do this, we secure dedicated public revenue through the creation and implementation of housing trust funds.  For nearly three decades, CCC’s Housing Trust Fund Project has been the sole source of information and technical assistance to housing trust fund campaigns throughout the United States. Our success building and supporting coalitions and networks strong enough to win has led to the creation of more than 700 funds in cities, counties and states around the country. Click here to learn more.

  • Retirement Security

    Retirement Security

    Our Retirement Security team is working with partners around the country to protect federal earned benefits – especially Social Security – that safeguard the health and well-being of many aging Americans, particularly women and people of color. Find out more here.

    Many families that live in manufactured housing communities depend on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. We’re working with grassroots leaders who live in manufactured home communities to engage them in the fight to protect and strengthen our nation’s vital retirement security benefits.  Click here learn more.

  • Writing Fellows Project

    Writing Fellows Project

    As part of our commitment to lifting up the stories and voices of those most impacted by economic injustice, CCC is working with writers of all ages and backgrounds across the country to share their story, and the stories of those in their communities, to illustrate the reality too many families face when struggling to make ends meet. These powerful stories have been placed in major media outlets, including the Huffington Post, Moyers & Company, the Memphis Flyer, and more. Read more of these incredible stories on our story collection website, Our Stories Our Power.