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“Growing up, my parents used to tell me, ‘A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. If you have a problem, you need to let people know about it.’ That always stuck with me. In 2009, when I lost my job and my health insurance, I started talking about it with the women in my neighborhood, some of whom were going through the same thing. That was when I met an organizer from the Ohio Organizing Campaign, a CCCAction partner, who told me how I could get involved in the healthcare fight by telling my story.”

Hattie Wilkins of Youngstown Ohio realized that her personal story had power to move other people to work for affordable health insurance. Telling her story in Ohio helped win the Affordable Care Act, which is now providing vital health insurance coverage for millions of Americans.

What does your story have the power to do? We think it has the power to end poverty. Share your story now!

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Right now, millions of activists are fighting for humane and comprehensive immigration reform in Congress, relief from deportations and an end to the family separation agenda. They are part of a national movement calling for treating families with respect and dignity, strengthening our workforce and economy and providing the next generation equal opportunities to education and prosperity.

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