Voter Engagement

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Voter Engagement

Over nearly 20 years, Community Change Action and our grassroots partners have built an electoral powerhouse. Today, we remain focused on the same north star: expanding the electorate and engaging hard-to-reach Black, Latino, Native, AAPI, immigrant, women, and young voters to provide support navigating voting systems and to motivate them to turn out for values-aligned candidates.

We face strong headwinds: sustained attacks on democratic institutions, coordinated voter suppression efforts, the as-yet-unknown impact of AI on voting, high distrust, and weak enthusiasm. Early indications point to another fight for the soul of our nation, and we are not just looking at a rematch of 2020 — we are staring down an even more complicated fight. 

We will attempt to reach 15 million voters and have 2+ million conversations in six prioritized states that align with key U.S. House and Senate races and the path to winning the presidency. 

We are committed to building a “comprehensive field,” maximizing our impact by layering the core tactics of canvass, phone, and mail with relational voter contact at our largest scale yet. Our plan creates multiple touchpoints with trusted messengers, increasing the probability that a voter will have a conversation digitally, in person, or with a friend or family member ahead of even the early vote period.

Statewide programs (pink); Targeted investments (orange)

2024 Program & Plans

  • Hold 2+ million conversations with voters across key states through multiple channels, including volunteer and paid canvass, phone calls, relational voter contact, mail, events, paid digital, and influencers.
  • Co-strategize and co-implement traditional field programs with grassroots organizational partners, working hand-in-hand to target, persuade, and mobilize local voters and sharing what we learn across states so partners can learn from our experimentation.
  • Rebuild our democracy. After the election, this infrastructure remains activated to advance bold, popular campaigns and legislation that significantly improve the lives and communities of our voters. And, in turn, these campaigns show voters what their own power (not politicians) can make possible — finding faith in the basic function of our democracy to deliver for its people.

Community Change Voters

Community Change Voters is a non-candidate Political Action Committee focused on engaging, mobilizing, and turning out low-income voters, particularly low-income voters of color. To learn more, contact Grecia Lima, Executive Director of Community Change Voters, at [email protected]