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In the end, digital organizing is just organizing. It is an extension of “traditional” field organizing and relies on frameworks that we know work: building relationships (one-on-one and through communities), engaging our networks, telling & amplifying our stories, and setting & reaching our goals.

Digital Organizing is something we were already doing before the coronavirus pandemic, and although this crisis has accelerated our trajectory, you probably have many of the tools you need.

If you're new to this side of the game, here are some quick first steps:

And some easy rules of thumb:

Show people how they can belong.

If a new volunteer came to your Facebook, could they immediately see how they could become involved? Especially during this crisis, it can be hard for advocates to see how they fit into the political conversation. By posting your actions -- whether it's a selfie taken before phonebanking, or a screenshot of a Zoom Party -- your community can better see the many ways in which they can join this movement.

It doesn't exist in a silo.

Digital is a reflection of every other department. Strong digital strategies are in lockstep with a campaign's latest messaging, their priorities, and their membership.

Teamwork matters.

Now more than ever, it's clear that we rely on each other; your digital presence is as strong as your relationships. Lift parter organizations' work and share each other's content. We build our power together.

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A Bold, Inclusive, and Caring agenda

The COVID-19 public health crisis has made it impossible to ignore the deep, structural flaws in the rules that govern our economy. Even as the pandemic has made our interdependence more apparent, we are forced to confront the stark differences in our abilities to weather the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. Although all of us participate in the creation of wealth in our society, a wealthy few capture most of these riches. The rest of us live one illness, one recession, or one piece of bad luck from economic ruin.