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Community Change Action is committed to fighting for policies and practices that improve the material conditions of low-income communities right now–even as we work to change the structures and systems that perpetuate injustice.

We work with community-based partners across the country to lead these campaigns because we believe the people who are most marginalized by injustice should play a central role in defining solutions and strategies to implement them.

We are fighting for a bold, inclusive, and caring agenda. Our policy campaigns include:

Child Care Justice

Community Change Action is building a national movement that’s fighting to make child care a public good — a service to which every family is entitled and from which nearly every facet of American life benefits.

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Immigrant Rights

Community Change Action and our partners in the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM Action) fight for a vision of an America that is united, strong, and free. To explore our journey on the long, yet unfinished, road to immigration reform check our story.

Explore our Roadmap to Freedom and Unity.

Inclusive Policy

Community Change Action advances a bold governing agenda that focuses the government’s power on fostering dramatically more fairness in the distribution of wealth and on checking corporate power.

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A Bold, Inclusive, and Caring agenda

The COVID-19 public health crisis has made it impossible to ignore the deep, structural flaws in the rules that govern our economy. Even as the pandemic has made our interdependence more apparent, we are forced to confront the stark differences in our abilities to weather the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. Although all of us participate in the creation of wealth in our society, a wealthy few capture most of these riches. The rest of us live one illness, one recession, or one piece of bad luck from economic ruin.