Community Change Action is an organization of organizers. We bridge the worlds of grassroots organizing and progressive politics with organizers working across the United States and headquarters in Washington, D.C.


Lorella Praeli

Lorella is the president of Community Change Action. Lorella is passionate about building collective power to win transformative policy change at all levels of government so that people can thrive. Most recently, she was the ACLU’s Deputy National Political Director, where she fought to defend and expand the rights of immigrants and refugees. Prior to joining the ACLU, Lorella mobilized the Latinx vote as Hillary Clinton’s National Latino Vote Director and served as United We Dream’s Director of Advocacy and Policy, where she led the campaign to implement DACA and was part of the team that persuaded the Obama administration to protect four million undocumented Americans through DAPA. Lorella is a freedom fighter, movement builder, and adaptive athlete

Dorian Warren

Dorian Warren is the vice president of Community Change Action, and co-chair of the Economic Security Project. A progressive scholar, organizer, and media personality, Dorian has worked to advance racial, economic, and social justice for over two decades. He previously held the position of vice president at Community Change. He taught for over a decade at the University of Chicago and Columbia University, where he was co-director of the Columbia University Program on Labor Law and Policy. He also worked at MSNBC, where he was a contributor and host, as well as the executive producer of “Nerding Out” on MSNBC’s digital platform. He serves on the boards of Working Partnerships USA, the Leadership Conference Education Fund Board, the National Employment Law Project, and The Nation magazine, among others.

Deepak Pateriya

Deepak Pateriya is the managing director of Community Change Action and the executive director of Community Change Voters. He leads our electoral organizing and voter engagement programs, and he expanded our work to include one of the largest independent expenditure programs to target low-propensity voters. From 2003 to 2012, Deepak worked in the labor movement, for the Service Employees International Union and then the United Food and Commercial Workers, organizing and campaigning with workers in several industries, including janitorial, health care and retail. Previously at SCOPE (Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education) from 1995-2003, he helped organize large-scale grassroots volunteer-led electoral programs in low income communities of color in Los Angeles on citywide elections and statewide ballot measures.  From 1991 to 1994 he did his first organizing work at the United States Student Association, including helping organize nationwide student voter registration and turnout campaigns.

Executive Office

Carmen Orozco-Acosta

Senior Advisor to the President

Derek Johnson

Senior Executive Coordinator

Kyle Grassi

Senior Project Manager

Lilia Cherchari

Executive Coordinator

Michelle Liu

Executive Coordinator

Ruthie Epstein

Senior Advisor to the President

Latrice Jones

Executive Coordinator

Tottionna Matthews

Executive Coordinator

Power Building, Organizing, and Campaigns

Aida Cuadrado Bozzo

Senior Facilitator for Leadership Development

Ben Hanna

Director of Local Strategies

Bethel Tsegaye

Senior Project Manager, Immigrant Rights & Racial & Gender Justice

Byron Hobbs

Senior Organizer

Cesar Hernandez

Senior Organizer

Chris Genese

Senior Organizer

Daniel Coates

Immigration Field Director

David Kimball

Senior Field Advisor

Dominique Countee

Senior Organizer, Economic Justice

Drew Astolfi

Senior Organizer

Elsa Barboza

Senior Organizer

Emily Fischer

Senior Project Manager

Isaias Guerrero

Southern Region Organizer

Jennifer Wells

Regional Organizer, Reinvestment

Katy Heins

Senior Field Organizer

Marelyn Martinez

Program Associate, Immigration

Margaret Ringler

Economic Justice Coordinator

Michael Anderson

Director, Housing Trust Fund Project

Rabayah Akhter

Project Manager, Immigration

Rommel Sandino

Northeast Regional Organizer

Ross Fitzgerald

Field Organizer

Salvador Cervantes

Midwest Regional Organizer

Seft Hunter

Director of Black Led Organizing & Power Building

Emily Andrews

Director of New Organizing Strategies

Seth Borgos

Director of Research and Program Development

Sulma Arias

Director of Immigrant Rights

Susan Wefald

Director of Field Support

Tammy Thomas Miles

Senior Organizer

Vick Baker

Field Support Coordinator

Imaa Nicco-Annan

Project Coordinator, Black-Led Organizing and Power Building

Wendoly Marte

Director of Economic Justice

Voter Engagement

Bartosz Kumor

Relational Voter Program Manager

Cristina Marquez Guerrero

Electoral Organizer

Erika Grohoski Peralta

Electoral Organizer

Franco Caliz-Aguilar

Senior Political Advisor

Gilbert Nuñez

Electoral Data Manager

Grecia Lima

National Political Director

Kristee Paschall

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Mike Griffin

Electoral Organizer

Yaheiry Mora

Deputy National Political Director

Policy, Advocacy, and Ideas Generation

Allegra Baider

Deputy Director of Public Policy

AnneRose Menachery

Senior Policy & Advocacy Advisor

Chirag Mehta

Director of Policy and Ideas

Fabienne Antoine-Nasser

Senior Policy and Advocacy Manager

Jennifer Cossyleon

Policy Advisor / Mellon ACLS Public Fellow

Jo Ann Paanio

Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor

Kate Kahan

Legislative and Advocacy Director

Communications and Digital

Anaf Wako

Social Media Manager

Cristina Rayas

Content Creator

Domenica Ghamen

Media Relations Manager

Ingrid Zelaya-Ascencio

Digital Campaigns Specialist

Jasmine Nazarett

Senior Communications Manager

Jeff Parcher

Director of Public Affairs

Marisol Bello

Director of Communications

Mikka Macdonald

Senior Digital Organizer

Rachel Díaz

Digital Organizer

Tarah Walsh

Director of Digital Strategy

Institutional Advancement

Beth Rayfield

Director of Institutional Advancement

Darylle Sheehan

Donor Database Manager

Edwyn Mitchell

Institutional Advancement Coordinator

Karla McLean

Donor Communications and Marketing Manager

Katherine Ollenburger

Director of Brand Strategy and Chief Writer

Kristin Witting

Deputy Director of Development Strategy and Senior Writer

Maya Simpkins

Senior Development Strategist

Sandy Elkhoury

Major Gifts Manager

Susan Rightsell

Director of Development

Tara Culp-Ressler

Senior Development Strategist

Infrastructure and Organizational Sustainability

Amber Hobbs

Senior Technology Support Manager

Carla Reed

Deputy Director of Human Resources

Carlos Vahos

Budget Manager

Darnetta N. Hollis

Finance and Administrative Manager

Irma Rivera

Director of Financial Management and Compliance

Julia Foster

Director of People and Planning

Kathy Mor

Senior Events Manager

Kim Huckabone

Director of Human Resources

KJ Johnson

Director of Campaign Advancement and Organizational Sustainability

Marcia Glasgow

Facilities & Administrative Services Manager

Nader Ghorban Zadeh

Talent Coordinator

Nebil Abdusettar

Human Resources Assistant

Ryan Young

Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Stefan Perazich

Project Manager: Contracts & Compliance

Trevor Bass

Senior Accounting Manager

Staff Union

Community Change proudly recognizes a staff bargaining unit affiliated with IFPTE Local 70, a union for non-profit workers.

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The COVID-19 public health crisis has made it impossible to ignore the deep, structural flaws in the rules that govern our economy. Even as the pandemic has made our interdependence more apparent, we are forced to confront the stark differences in our abilities to weather the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. Although all of us participate in the creation of wealth in our society, a wealthy few capture most of these riches. The rest of us live one illness, one recession, or one piece of bad luck from economic ruin.